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Up to 8 concurrent sessions with 5 participants in each

Cisco WebEx Product Offerings


WebEx Meetings

Meet online, collaborate and share content. Organise meeting-related information and activities in one centralised space.

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Up to 100

Training Center

Deliver effective, interactive online training and e-learning.

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Up to 1,000

Event Center

Stage large-
scale online events
and webinars.

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Up to 3,000

Support Center

Provide efficient, personalised customer services and IT support.

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5 per session


Interactive Meeting

Real-time desktop, application, document and web-browser sharing


Record a meeting, then share, review or edit later

Annotation tools

Share multi-media files


File transfer

Integrated audio (phone/VoIP)

High-quality video

High-definition video

WebEx Meetings

Training Center

Event Center

Support Center

Desktop and application
sharing only

Basic and advanced

Meeting Preparation and Follow-Up

Meeting Spaces to share agendas, documents, notes, recordings, comments and chat

Document library with file storage, sharing and version control


Host and attend from a mobile device

Specialised Features

Training Center offers:

Breakout sessions and hands-on labs

Polling, threaded Q&A

Class registration and scheduling

Learning management systems (LMS) integration

Event Center offers:

Customised registration
and reports

Lead source tracking and lead scoring

Private preparation room and virtual lobby

Available production services

Support Center offers:

Inbound and outbound support requests

Web-based automated call distribution (ACD) routing and queue management

Collection of system information, rebooting, and reconnection

Customer relationship management (CRM) integration