WebEx Meeting Spaces

Everything you need, all in one place.





Work together seamlessly in Meeting Spaces, where all of your meeting activities and shared content are integrated in one secure, centralised place.

Stay organised and on track

From meeting agenda to follow-up, your Meeting Space keeps it all together. Your invite links attendees to the space, where everything related to your meeting is organised and accessible. Prepare for the meeting, discuss, assign next steps, share files, and tick off action items.

Get quick answers

Instant messaging is integrated right into Meeting Spaces. You can check your colleagues' availability and contact them for quick answers or an impromptu discussion. Anything you need to refer to is right there in the Meeting Space.

Safe and secure

WebEx Meeting Spaces are delivered through the Cisco WebEx Cloud, so you can count on superior performance. Enterprise-grade security and high availability and scalability levels ensure that your meetings and content are secure.

Not just a file library

Your Meeting Space is built for collaboration. Anyone you invite can upload files. Work together to create or edit a document. Review and comment. Share the meeting recordings and discuss it all as you go.

On the go, still in touch

Not at your desk? Never at your desk? Meeting Spaces are accessible from any browser on any web-enabled device. You can review documents, read comments, and chat from your phone or tablet. Join the conversation from wherever you are.