Video conferencing

Bring your meetings to life.

Build strong business relationships with face-to-face meetings, no matter how far apart you are. With high-definition video up to 720p, you'll see crisp, clear images of the people in your meeting.

See it your way

View up to seven video feeds at once.

Learn how to share your webcam.

Or see everyone side-by-side with shared content.

Switch to full-screen mode for a video-only meeting in high definition.

Focus the discussion by locking the video onto one speaker.

See who's talking

The current speaker's video image is automatically featured in the largest frame. This Active Speaker technology gives the conversation a natural feel as the focus moves from person to person dynamically.

Meet face-to-face on your iPad or iPhone too

You can video conference even when you're not in the office. Share video with your front-facing camera and see up to five other attendees.